Infodatix Services

  • Custom Business Software

    We specialize in custom software development and programming. We deliver software solutions for every industry and business function.  We utilize the programming languages of…

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  •  .NET/SQL Application Development

    We provide consulting and programming in all areas of the .NET framework. We can lead your .NET development with best practices and expertise…

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  • MS Access – MS Excel

    Infodatix is the premier Microsoft Excel and Access development company in North America.

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These companies have trusted Infodatix to take their complex business logic and develop successful and pragmatic technology solutions.

  • Why is this company here?We intentionally juxtaposed lesser known companies with large clients in this list. We’ve gained valuable experience working with big companies, but the majority of our projects are with small companies, and though it may not be as impressive to you, our partnerships with these companies are extremely valuable to us.

    Infodatix Philosophy

    • Cost Effective-Easy-Fast-Works
      This is what it boils down to. You need it fast. Must be easy to use. Has to be financially viable. And it has to work—exactly the way you say it should.
    • Business Understanding – Programming Strength
      Our consultants are MBA types with mature understanding of systems and programming. Our developers are programmers that easily understand business concepts.
    • Customer Service Level: Extreme
      As a virtual organization, extreme level customer service is a necessity. We answer the phone. We answer emails timely. We deliver on time. We keep our commitments.
    • Pragmatic Solutions
      No software costs. Minimal or no hardware costs. We deliver user friendly, high ROI technology solutions.
  • What Clients Say