Database Development

We are a team of database developers, programmers, and consultants, with vast experience in many database technologies.  Our specialty is in MS SQL, MySQL, and MS Access.  But we also have experience in nearly every db platform, such as Mongo, NoSQL, DB2, Filemaker, and FoxPro.

Fast, User Friendly Applications

Many clients have trusted us to build custom database applications that are fast and user friendly.  Customers also engage us to troubleshoot their klunky, slow performing databases looking for ways to optimize queries, table architecture, or front end loading.  We are experts at customizing a web-based database application, expanding your functionality and enabling you to share data with customers or vendors or home-based employees.

Database Conversions

If you have an old database that is no longer supported, we have expertise at upgrading and converting old databases into newer versions or across platforms.  Customers have saved huge time, expense, and convenience by outsourcing their database conversion project to us.

Database Administration and Management

We have packages database administration packages on a monthly or ad hoc basis.  We can handle all your database needs: database loading, optimization, reporting, integration into other applications, fine tuning, backups, etc.

Review some of our sample projects or request a quote on your project now.

  • This is cloud software that works over the net, programmed in ASP.NET with MS SQL as database back end. Client’s team can access with secure user authentication from any web browser: computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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  • We developed some tools for Walmart to manage a program they were developing with their vendors.  They did a survey of all their vendors and collected a bunch of data related to what they were doing in terms of pollution management and reducing environmental impact.

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