Infodatix Philosophy

Big Business Solutions Small Business Feel

Before Infodatix, many of our consultants and programmers worked for Fortune 500 companies.  Many of our largest projects have been for large companies.  We understand the corporate culture and demands of large enterprises.  But most of our clients are small companies, and we have shaped our own culture to provide the approachability and personal touch that small companies desire.

Cost-Effective, Easy, Fast, Works

Cost-Effective.  Has to be financially viable.  We have template databases, code samples, form libraries that give us a jump start on your project.  Our clients have told us we are on average 1/3 to 1/3 the cost of competitors.

Easy.  We provide user friendly solutions.  We also make doing business with us as easy as possible.

Fast.  You need it fast.  You probably wouldn’t be calling us if you didn’t already need a solution.  Last week.  We can scale our operation to deliver very quickly.

Works.  It has to work—exactly the way you say it should.  We take pride in our high quality work.  We guarantee our projects.  We support you through implementation and beyond to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Business Understanding – Programming Strength

Our consultants are MBA types with mature understanding of systems and programming.  Our developers are programmers that easily understand business concepts.  If the consultant has to take 30 minutes to explain how an indented bill of materials works to the development team, that’s the kind of thing we regularly do.

Customer Service Level: Extreme

We know we start at a disadvantage working as a remote development team.  We may be competing with in house or local resources.  We go the extra mile to provide extreme level of customer service.  Our goal is to always be available.  We answer the phone.  We answer emails timely.  We use gotomeeting and other web collaboration tools to make it seem as if we were working right next to you.

Pragmatic Solutions

Our founder, Rob Terry, relates the story of building a mini data warehouse while he worked as an employee for a Fortune 500 company.  The company was more than one year into a multi-million dollar business intelligence project that appeared to be going nowhere and ultimately failed.  Rob was asked by the VP of Marketing to build a reporting system that provided the same kind of functionality as this huge BI project.  Using available software, ODBC connections into three systems (Oracle and two with SQL Server back ends) and setting up mapping tables, automated queries, and an Excel front end, the project was completed in less than a month.

From these kinds of experiences, Infodatix was born.  If you have a business systems need and you want the most practical, cost effective solution, you found the right partner to help you.