Microsoft Access


Infodatix is the premier Microsoft Access development company in North America. Our Access client list includes G.E., Cisco, S.C. Johnson, Xerox and dozens of other large and small companies.

There are times to use other platforms such as C#.NET, but for desktop applications we usually prefer MS Access as a front end with either Access or MS SQL Server back ends. For web applications, we prefer ASP.NET development, but we also build and support Access web apps and Access databases with SharePoint or online SQL back ends. The native functionality of Access and our experience enable us to quickly develop high quality applications ranging from managing home office businesses to commercial software.

Our Services:

  • Creating new Access databases
  • Upgrading old Access databases to new versions or to .NET/SQL
  • Custom software built in MS Access
  • Developing Access front end with SQL back end
  • Upgrading Excel or manual processes to Microsoft Access
  • Reporting projects using Access as a data warehouse or data mart
  • Taking over development of a half-built database
  • Supporting, troubleshooting, and adding functionality to your existing database

Review some of our sample projects or request a quote on your project now.

  • Here’s an example of one of the source text files. In this case, the input file contained the data “crosstab style”, meaning inventory quantities for each branch were listed in columns going across to the right, but each of these columns would need to be translated into rows in the final format that would be ready to be appended to the database. Because of our history in MS Excel, we nail these kind of data transformation projects. Very easy for us. We’ve done it hundreds of times.

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  • We utilized the power of VBA programming and MS Access as a backend for this project. The first step is to navigate to the PACER site in an IE object. In the first screen, we enter the login/password credentials previously entered into the program. Then click through to a search screen. Then the Client ID is passed.

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