Pricing/Engagement Models

Infodatix works on two pricing models. 


Project Cost Model

This is the most common arrangement.  You’re taking a risk calling a team in another state to potentially contract for a project.  To help you minimize that risk, we provide a free initial consultation with the purpose of defining clear deliverables, timing, and a fixed bid quote for your project.

  1. We provide a free quote.  This consists of one or two gotomeeting calls to go through specifications in detail.
  2. After this, we will provide a fixed price quote and estimated delivery.  We stick to our quotes and only increase the invoice if the client requests scope changes along the way, which we will clearly communicate.

Most of our projects are in the $5,000 – $25,000 range, with the largest in the $50,000 range and minimum in the $1,000 range.  Our clients tells us we are anywhere from 1/3 to ½ of our competitors pricing.


Hourly Reimbursement Model

If the client prefers an hourly reimbursement model, or if the requirements are not defined well enough to quote, we can engage with an hourly reimbursement model.  Our rates vary depending on the technology and the contracted number of hours per month, from $55 – $145.


Non-Disclosure and Work Product Ownership

We have an informal letter of engagement that acts as a non-disclosure agreement, but we are happy to sign NDA’s and other agreements that you require.  The work we provide our clients is 100% owned by them, and we retain no rights.  We will not share your work with others.  If we demo sample work for you it is because we have received written permission to do so.