System Integration & API Development

What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is what allows two different systems to “talk” to each other.  Sending data from one system to another.  Common uses are to sync data, use the information that exists in a different system without duplicating data entry, and allow for more robust reporting.    The API is the bridge that makes this possible.The most common methodology APIs are based on are SOAP and XML, but others are used also. Web Services are used for the exchanging data online

Who needs this and what does it do.
Here are some examples of typical API projects:

Accounting API’s Using this type of integration allows information form one software platform to the central accounting system within the business, like Quickbooks or Netsuite.
Retailer Integration API’s This integration is used for organizations to seamlessly push product and inventory information instantly to their retailers, like eBay and Amazon.
Shipping API’s This allows a company to send and retrieve data from shipping suppliers such as the USPS.  End customer get accurate shipping prices with the click of a button. There is no guesswork on what the customer should be charged for the various shipping packaged offered by shipping suppliers.
CRM API’s Integrate your CRM with your ERP or other database.  Customize and automate email campaigns using Outlook.  We’ve worked with CRM API’s such as Salesforce, Goldmine, Maximizer, Constant Contact.
Web Analytics API’s Integrate Google Analytics into your CRM or order management system, to provide more clarity on your marketing spend and business decisions.

Development Team
Our development team has the passion and drive to stay ahead of the technology curve and developing with the latest tools. We prefer .NETor Java, but we have the ability to use any technolog. We use our own code library to speed up development time and keep costs down.

ODBC is an old technology and doesn’t have the sexy ring to it as the latest IT world buzzwords, but this is a tried and true method to link systems together.  We utilize ODBC to push and pull data into systems such as: Oracle, SAP, and custom applications using SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase as back ends.

Review some of our sample projects or request a quote on your project now.

  • INX Client1

    We partnered with ProSidian to develop a reporting system for their client, the US Federal Government. Technologies involved: MS SQL Server, MS Access, MS Excel, VBA.The reporting system integrates data from a SQL Server transaction system and data file exports located on FTP servers.

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  • dawn

    We partnered with Bankdataworks in the early stages of their vision to create a powerful Excel dashboard and data analysis tool for companies interested in banking financials. In a proprietary process, we automated a process that takes government data and process it.

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