Web Design & Web Development

We started as a Microsoft framework custom database and application consulting and programming company.  In our early days 90% of what we built was for a desktop application and 10% web based.  Over time, that has nearly flipped in the opposite direction.  We have always believed that the “look and feel” was just as important as the functionality, and have made good looking design a core competency.  Many of our clients requested website work, and we have added traditional Linux hosted MySQL/html5/css/javaquery type web design and development.

We build websites from scratch or we can change and update a website that is already up and running. Our websites are developed with the latest technology and industry trends with complete front-end and back-end development.


Web Design – Needs to be SEXY

Even if the product or services you provide are not that exciting to most people (like us!), you want your website to be SEXY.  Do you want people looking at your website and thinking that looks HOT?! That’s our goal.


CMS – Content Management Systems

Most new websites these days are built with a CMS like WordPress, DotNetNuke, Drupal, or Joomla.  We can enhance your existing site already using a CMS or utilize a CMS to optimize the development of your new site.


We Offer:
  •  Custom website design and development
  • Create and highlight your brand and visual identity
  • Sound technical groundwork
  • Website content development
  • Server hosting if necessary
  • Use of best SEO Practices

Review some of our sample projects or request a quote on your project now.

  • Here’s an example of one of the source text files. In this case, the input file contained the data “crosstab style”, meaning inventory quantities for each branch were listed in columns going across to the right, but each of these columns would need to be translated into rows in the final format that would be ready to be appended to the database. Because of our history in MS Excel, we nail these kind of data transformation projects. Very easy for us. We’ve done it hundreds of times.

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  • Shopmerged is a website where friends can go on shopping trips together. We built this in ASP.NET, MVC technology. It includes java plug-ins for shopping and chat. We were selected as the vendor for our technology and design abilities.

    This site is optimized for computer, tablet, and mobile. A user can sign up, then invite friends to go on “shopping trips” with them. On a shopping trip, friends share a shopping cart and can chat each other to discuss the items they each have included
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