1. A shipping company came to us with the desire to simplify their operating procedure, and to reduce the manual effort required each day to provide their employees with the information they needed.  One of the key objectives of this project was to simplify the allocation of customer orders for the available delivery trucks.  An additional requirement was that it had to be intuitive and provide the drivers a visual of where each of their stops was located.

      In the completed system, once customers and orders had been entered into the system, each of the undelivered orders is moved to a Shipping List where it can be allocated to one of the various trucks.  Each truck has a capacity limit, and time and money can be saved by grouping each of a truck’s stops within close poximity.  Shipping stops can be shown both before allocation to the trucks, and afterword.  Once the allocation is complete, each of the trucks is color coded, mapped, and the resulting map can be sent as a link to a live map which allows the driver to navigate to each of their stops, or get directions.  A customized Google Maps application was incorporated into the system to include various features the client was in need of – including street view, directions, etc.